Kuldeep Dhami

Director of BitNet Technology

How much does it cost?

So the story started when I looked at people around me and started observing them. I analyzed that there are 2 categories of People.

  1. The people who are earning really good and still not happy with the amount. I'll call them type1.
  2. The men who are trying to impress opposite genders by showing over funniness or over empathy. And the women who are pretending to be stupid and becoming one by pretending it a lot. I'll call them type2.

Type 1 People

The "type1 people" are very unstable and after all the luxuries they are having zero mental peace. To compensate for their mind either they are taking alcohol or some other drugs. So it costs them their physical well-being and mental peace to be a rich fellow.

Type 2 People

The "type2 people" are usually desperate. They end up having so many relationships, a toxic relationship, or having none. It is very often that they will find a fitting personality as they try to be someone that they are not even close to. It costs them their dignity and they lose their real perspective in life too.

We always win

So many times I think that how can people underestimate their existence. They are very fortunate with what they have in life. 14% of India's population is malnourished. We have food and we have a roof over our heads that's a wonderful thing. If we don't have any then also we are fortunate to have all our functioning body parts. If that too lacks then we have a life on this planet that we should be thankful for. A lot of people will consider that it will be easy for me to say so but "hey I was happy when I was so poor that I do not have even 100 rupees in my pocket". Happiness is an overrated and underrated feeling at the same time. People who find it underestimate it and people who lack compassion will overestimate it.

We all know that we have to die one day and we have born with nothing except our tiny body parts. Morality had always corrupted our minds and it has nothing to do with life. So being full of compassion, full of joy, full of happiness, and full of life is going to cost nothing from us as we do not have anything to lose.

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Next topic will be on "Alcohol a myth for confidence and happiness"...